Don't polish the shit!


A Strong Culture!

It is common knowledge that to a far extent it is a cooperation’s ability to act than the content of its strategy, which separates a successful cooperation from those who only manage to get by.

The ability to execute is not just a business-strategy, but the ability to make fast changes in the fast changing markets of today, is one of the most valuable organizational skills of today. It has also long been known that a cooperation’s culture plays an important role in executing and successful changes.

But how do you manage these things? The short answer is: Make the culture your allied. But how do you do that? And what if you make your cooperation’s culture an enemy instead of an ally?

More Companionship!

A cooperation, which needs to execute effectively and change quickly according to changes need companionship. It needs a culture, which creates alignment. It needs a culture, where all the employees feel a purpose in their daily work, and is passionate about moving together towards the end-goal. Employees which chooses to be at this specific cooperation, because it makes sense.

We are specialized in making the culture an ally, which supports the cooperation’s strategy and whish to be a desirable place of employment.  


Valuebased Culture

Does your company have a foundation of values?

It is an important detail that values, which cannot be seen in actions, in best case scenario is of no matter, but in worst case is directly harmful.

Don’t say something, which is not!


Performance Conversations

Does your company's employees perform?

It's about finding the motivational factors, which brings out the best in people, and by doing so gives them the opportunity to perform in accordance to maximum potential, meanwhile they contribute with yet another step towards the realisation of the company's vision and the realisation of its strategic goals.

Leadership Sparring

Are you showing your employees the way?

As a leader you are a key-factor in creating both culture and change. As a leader you first and foremost have to be the one to take the first step, and lead the way. Through leadership sparring with Etikos, we give you access to a mirror of your daily leadership-practise. A mirror where of five bullet-points.

If Yes

Values in the company's foundation


Did you measure it? Do you know if it works and creates alignment in your Company? If it doesn’t, in best case scenario it is of no importance to your Company. In worst case, however, it is harmful because it creates incredibility.

We help you with a precise diagnostics of the Company’s foundation of values, and the current state of the relationship between the foundation and how it helps to either improve or worsen your state of alignment.

The diagnostics we communicate clearly – and we will help you do the same.

Afterwards a decision has to be made: Are these values the right ones? Or do they have to be adjusted?

From the diagnostics we define the behavioural marker for the values. We do this in order to make the make them easy recognizable to all.

From there the efforts to create alignment around the values is specified. They can be various and different – it depends on what makes the best sense in your Company. One size does not fit all.

We also help you in making it possible to do ongoing qualitative diagnostics of the alignment. For example we can incorporate the values in the “APV,” employee-interviews, performance-interviews, recruiting-interviews, and all official dialogue frameworks in the Company. But again, it depends on what makes sense in your specific Company.


If not

Values in the Company's foundation

There are always values and opinions, which define the culture – even if they are not written down. We help your company to build a secure foundation in its values and opinions. We help you create precise diagnostics of the Company’s culture. We create diagnostics of legitimate foundations of decision-making, and the opinions, which controle the decisions.

We communicate it clearly, and help you do the same.

From there, a decision has to be made – what values make sense to point out as markers for the future? Which are in accordance with the strategy, existent culture, as well as necessary cultural changes in order to adapt to a world in change?

We also help you with insuring that there is an “ownership”-feeling – both top-down, as well as bottom-up. Our work contains a high degree of cooperation-involvement.

From the diagnostics we define a behavioural-marker for the values. This makes the them highly recognizable to all.

Then we specify the efforts to create alignment centred in the values. They can be various, as they depend on what makes sense in your specific Company. One size does not fit all.

We also help you in making it possible to do ongoing qualitative diagnostics of the alignment. For an example we can incorporate the values in the “APV,” employee-interviews, performance-interviews, recruiting-interviews, and all official dialogue frameworks in the Company. But again, it depends on what makes sense in your specific Company.


Employees Performance

Motivating employees


The corporation needs its employees to perform. The employees need to perform. By far most people go to work with a strong desire to succeed in their work. It’s not rocket-science. The leaping point is finding those motivational-factors, which bring out the best in the employees. To give them the opportunity to reach their full potential, while they contribute every day with yet another step towards the realisation of the corporation’s vision and the realisation of its strategic goals.

Todays world is in a fast-paced change. It requires new ways in working with performance. Everyone knows the quantitative approaches. With these we can measure for example concrete sales-numbers, or a classic customer-satisfaction-examination on a scale from 1 to 10. However, this just doesn’t give us the knowledge we need. For example: If your goal is to have strong customer-relations, how do you measure an employees capability of creating such? Or how do we measure the quality of the relation to the customer – the quality of the relationship? In such cases there is need of qualitative measurements. Measurements which take their outset in the experienced value.

Employees today search for frequent contact moments, quick follow-ups, and qualitative feedback. This way they can adjust their work fast and precise.

Etikos helps you making this approach to an active and concrete every-day-tool.

Conversations move people.



Leadership: showing the way


As a leader you are the key-factor in creating both culure and change. You have to be the one who shows the way, and takes the first steps. Is your heart in the things, you ask your employees to care about? Do you show that to your corporation? Are you leading the way?

Are you giving the necessary constructive feedback? Do you say things as they are, while ensuring there are opportunities for development?

Through leadership sparring at Etikos, we give you access to a mirror of your leadership abilities. A mirror in which there is a focus on five special points:

Why! – Anchored in your leadership-practise

Why are you a leader? This is where you ask yourself: What difference do you want your leadership-practise to make for others? What is your drive as a leader, and what makes you a great leader?

Don´t polish the shit! 

Admit and recognize! – Both opportunities and problems – call it as you see it.

Content over form

You got to know what it is you stand for. You have to have clear and visible positions and values. And you must not be afraid to show them.

The real reality

A corporation is not a theoretical thing, it’s a piece of reality with its own history, opinion and culture, that make the corporation what it is. That is your point of departure for actions, changes and those choices, you want to, can and must make.

Dialogical judgement

Actively join dialogues. Listen and learn!

Train yourself in reflection about the impact your actions and decisions have on others and on the corporation as a whole.

The leadership sparring is organized around what suits you the best. It will typically begin with ad hoc conversations and from there develop to us joining in on meetings, and following you in your everyday work-life as a leader. The aim is to give you a precise and clear feedback on your leadership-practise and mirror the effect you have on your field of leadership.



Etikos is a consulting-company driven by passion, heart and professional quality.

In a Company with Etikos you and your company can expect to be challenged. Etikos’ focus is on the concrete reality. We dig in where the company is being challenged.

We take our point of departure in the practise is actually at, not the practise which should be theoretically be there. That means: We call it as we see it. We give honest (and emphatic) feedback – that is what we mean when we say: Don’t polish the shit! We create solutions to your specific challenges in the practise, which is yours and in the reality which is the frame around your every-day work life. That is why we say: Not one size fits all!

We are looking forward to a company with you. Call us, then we will sit down with you, and see if we are the right match.

Etikos meeting


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Christina Busk

Owner and founder. Email: Tel: +45 2897 6999.
Cand.Theol from Aarhus University. Supplied by several modules in the master: ”Applied ethics”. Educated process-consultant.
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Lene Frølund Thomsen

Senior Consultant. Tel: +45 2261 4194. Email:
Cand.Mag. in french and religion. Educated mediator in conflicts, and conflict supervisor from “Center of conflict resolution”. Educated supervisor from the Kempler Institute.
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Uffe Lund

Development Consultant. Tel: +45 5179 7644. Email:
Cand.Scient in anthropology and religion.
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Mette Rosendal Strandbygaard

Development Consultant. Tel: +45 2261 4194. Email:
MA educational anthropology from Aarhus University (AU). Educated teacher, speciality in Christianity and Danish from ÅDAS; History of philosophy, argumentation-theory, logic and theory of science from AU. Skills in consultantship on a group- and individual levels, and development and personality psychology.
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Renze Klamer

PhD Researcher. Tel: 5223 8485. Email:
“I love reflecting on how employee happiness can come into effect in a managerial realm, which naturally focusses on instrumentality, efficiency, structures and control. It is this mission, deeply rooted in ethical thinking, that I am very fortunate to see reflected at Etikos”.


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